C Z-E 10ml


(Mutations of cells) E=Frequency equivalent

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Supplied in spray bottle.

Our Genopathic® Remedies are formulated to use topically (External only). These take 5-10 seconds for the frequency to enter the bloodstream. They work very fast. Do not overdose. Keep away from children.

Our Genopathic® Remedies require only 1 spray a day.
These are rubbed into your wrist or the back of the hand.

The essence of active ingredients in C Z-E, when appropriately prescribed, may assist patients suffering from the following conditions. This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for these disorders

Zeolite is negatively charged volcanic mineral that naturally attracts positively charged toxins to it (all toxins are positively charged) and traps them in its cage-like structure. It absorbs toxins. Zeolite’s ionic charge turns slightly positive when it is full of the positively charged toxins it has absorbed. Normal cells have a neutral charge while damaged cells have a slightly negative electrical charge. So the now slightly positively charged zeolite molecule is attracted to damaged cells. Once inside the damaged cells it does a couple of things that helps kill the damaged cells:
Again, because of its ionic charge, zeolite is attracted to damaged cells only. It does not get into ordinary, healthy cells.

This product may help with the following

• Cellular mutations
• Abnormal cells
• Irregular cell patterns
• Lymph lumps
• Lifts energy
• Removes toxins (chemicals)
• Dehydration
• Alignment of body

Best used in combination with Super G + A-E, Un Loc-E, DNA-RNA-E

Reference: to Google Zeolite for further information

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