Lacto-E 10ml


(Digestive) E=Frequency equivalent
This product is
 FREE of Alcohol, Fillers, Chemical, Synthetics  & Preservatives.

Supplied in spray bottle.

Our Genopathic® Remedies are formulated to use topically (External only). These take 5-10 seconds for the frequency to enter the bloodstream. They work very fast. Do not overdose. Keep away from children.

Our Genopathic®  Remedies require only 1 spray a day.
These are rubbed into your wrist or the back of the hand.

Exclusively formulated, the new and improved Lacto-E now helps provide all the essentials necessary for a healthy, happy body. Lacto-E provides frequencies for the body to work with.

The essence of active ingredients in Lacto-E, when appropriately prescribed, may assist patients suffering from the following conditions. This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for these disorders.

The attachment of good health and prevention of disease frequently requires an overhaul of the gastrointestinal tract, the intestines are enormous and convoluted, where billions of bacteria cohabitate – some good, many bad. To lay the foundations for health, the beneficial bacteria must be prevalent, active, and healthy and be able to perform their required tasks of displacing unfavourable bacteria and making valuable health nutrients.
Lacto-E is a Genopathic way to ensure this intestinal symbiosis. Lacto-E, when combined with a healthy diet and appropriate supplementation, promotes overall health from the inside out. Most cases we have more bacteria in our cells than in our body.

This product may help with the following


May help support blood flow to organs for nutrient uptake, We are what we eat.

• Beneficial bacteria comprise approximately 90% of digestive tract bacteria in healthy persons.
• Beneficial bacteria in the colon convert Cholesterol for excretion, thereby lowering total serum cholesterol levels.
• Enhances the general health of the Digestive System
• Strengthens the immune system functions of the Intestines
• Helps to reverse Intestinal Permeability
• Alleviates some of the symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome (especially    intestinal cramps (abdominal pain) and flatulence)
• Urinary Tract Infections
• Immune System
• Lactic Acid removal
• Beneficial bacteria strengthen the immune system functions of the intestines.

Foods that enhance the function of Beneficial Bacteria

Substances that interfere with Beneficial Bacteria

• Pharmaceutical Antibiotics interfere the body’s beneficial bacteria – as a side effect of their primary purpose of killing detrimental bacteria
Foods/Herbs that interfere with Beneficial Bacteria.

Ailments and conditions that interfere with the body’s Beneficial Bacteria

Excessive Stress High consumption of sugar Preservatives

Best used in combination with COQ10 + P-E,   CZ-E,   P+D-E,    DNA-RNA-E

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Lacto-E 10ml