Un Loc-E 10ml


(Oxygen Release) E=Frequency equivalent
This product is FREE of Alcohol, Fillers, Chemical, Synthetics  & Preservatives

Supplied in spray bottle.

Our Genopathic® Remedies are formulated to use topically (External only). These take 5-10 seconds for the frequency to enter the bloodstream. They work very fast. Do not overdose. Keep away from children.

Our Genopathic®  Remedies require only 1 spray a day.
These are rubbed into your wrist or the back of the hand.

The essence of active ingredients in Un loc-E, when appropriately prescribed, may assist patients suffering from the following conditions. This statement does not imply or make a claim for a cure for these disorders.

This product may help with the following

This product may help build oxygen levels within any damaged cells, and tissue.
This product may increase energy from extra oxygen, may also help with the digestive system.
Long term use may help stop cellular mutations.

• May assist with tight muscles
• Sore eyes
• Stiff joints
• Viruses as they dominate oxygen
• Antioxidant levels
• Age related macular degeneration
• Dry eyes
• Driving eye pain (use on eye lids)

Un Loc-E, is widely used for the effects of Jet lag over long distance Travell, use 1 spray directly on forehead (eyes closed) every 2 to 3 hours.

Best used in combination with COQ10+P-E, CZ-E, Super G + A-E

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Un Loc - EUn Loc-E 10ml